I took up ceramics in 2008 at the Putney School of Art here in London where I was born and now live and work. I spent 7 years there. In 2015 I moved to The Kiln Rooms, a shared studio in Peckham Rye where I am at present.

When I first began 10 years ago I had access to a gas kiln and fell in love with the effects of reduction firing. For two years all I made were small pinch pots. On these I experimented continuously with textures, oxides, slips and glazes, making discoveries, finding surprises and an unpredictable beauty in the outcomes that I loved.

I have always had a fascination with the natural process of time upon things: the unique and beautiful marks of age and weathering and I saw this and developed this in my work over the next 5 years. 

When I moved to The Kiln Rooms I now had to work with an electric kiln so I developed a technique that would continue to recreate the marks, depth, texture and unpredictable outcome that I loved from the reduction firing. This unpredictability means that I never know exactly how my work will come out. I very much enjoy and embrace the unpredictable uniqueness of each of my pieces . 

I throw delicate, light forms with rough textured surfaces, enhancing the relationship between their strength and their fragility. People have often commented that my work looks as if it has been dug up from the earth after being there for centuries, marked by time and nature. 

Each piece is unique and a one-off and is to be enjoyed by the viewer for itself.

© 2018 by Claire Lardner Burke, London SE15