I took up ceramics in 2008 at the Putney School of Art here in London where I was born and now live and work. In 2015 I moved to The Kiln Rooms, a shared studio in Peckham Rye, where I am at present.

When I first began I made small pinch pots for two years on which I experimented continuously with textures, oxides, slips and glazes, making discoveries, finding surprises and loving the unpredictable beauty in the outcome. 

I have always had a fascination with the process of time upon nature. The beautiful and distinctive marks and colours created by age and weathering particularly on rocks and stone. I seek to capture this quiet beauty in my work.

I hand coil delicate, light forms using a mixture of grogged stoneware and crank clay.  Leaving the surfaces rough and marked I often paint the pieces with oxide washes before layering different glazes over each other many times. Each piece is fired to around 1240 degrees celsius often multiple times.


An unpredictable and unique beauty is created in each piece.